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Varieties of theSpanish language all over the world

The Spanish language is one of the official languages of the United Nations, of the European Union and of the African Union. Most of Spanish speakers live in the west hemispherio (Europe, Central and Latin America and the Spanish territories in Africa).

With its 106 million speakers, who use Spanish either as a first or as a second language, Mexico is the country with the most numerous Hispanic population in the world. Then, Columbia and Spain (both with 44 million spaekers), Argentina (39 millions) and USA (30 million speakers).

Spanish is the official language of more than 20 countries: Argentine, Bolivia (together with Quechua and Aymara), Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea (together with French), Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay (together with Guarana), Puerto Rico, Peru (together with Quechua and Aymara), Dominican Republic, West Sahara (together with Arab), Spain (together with Catalan, Basque and Galizian), Uruguay, Venezuela.

The Spanish language is moreover very important in these countries: Andorra, Belize(English is the official language, but because of historical and geographical reasons Spanish has a foundamental role in the daily life of the country), Brazil (as a study language), Philippines (almost in disuse), Gibilterre, Israel and Morocco (with its Ladin variety), United States, where it represents the second most widely spoken language, Trinidad and Tobago (because of their history and geography).