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São Paolo City

Each neighborhood in São Paolo City seems to represent a different period of the city's history. You can start from the largely pedestrians-only hilltop and valley areas, where São Paulo's first inhabitants lived, that is to say Jesuit missionaries and treasure-hunting pioneers. Nowadays these areas are becoming the real financial and cultural centre, which is the focus of revitalization, full of banks, finacial buildings and the stock exchange.

Than you can pass through the Bela Vista and Bixiga (the local little Italy) neighborhoods, near Centro, which are home to many theaters and bars mostly constructed in the 19th century. Beginning with the post-World War II industrial boom, in these areas they started constructing skyscapers and many of the most luxury hotels of the city are located in there.

The Paulistanos, so they are called the residents of the city, are said to be characterised by a strong self-confidence and proud in their work, thing that makes the difference between this population and other Brazilians, called cariocas. On the other hand, cariocas make jokes about the absence of humour and the capability of enjoying life the others should be characterized by. But work and profit aside, São Paulo of course does have its attractions that concentrate most on lively music and arts world. The city’s food, too, is often excellent, and results from a mixture of many cultures immigrates from different parts of the world have brought with.