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San Diego

San Diego is the second most important city of California, after Los Angeles.

Situated beside the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, San Diego boasts an ideal climate(18°C it’s the average temperature all over the year) and numerous attractions, that are the reasons why travelers from around the world invade the city. Some of the most visited areas include the SeaWorld, and the San Diego Zoo, the Museum of Man, the Natural History Museum and the Maritime Museum. Old Town San Diego, as well as Mexican cuisine made it possible for tourists to relive through some of the Spanish roots San Diego still present. Thanks to the mainfold activities such as golfing, hot air ballooning, kayaking and shopping available in the city, surely you won’t get bored! Surfing is another popular pastime and if you are interested in it, just go to Mission Beach to try your luck or simply enjoy the sun! Mission Beach embodies the classic California Beach image and its Ocean Front Walk is always crossed by skaters, skate boarders, and those on scooters, who are the main attraction of the Walk together with its seafood restaurants.

San Diego is also famous for its magnificent zoo. Located north of Balboa Park the San Diego Zoo is renowned for its protection of endangered species and for its intent in recreating animals’ natural habitat as closely as possible. Among the more famous of the over 4,000 zoo residents are koala bears and Giant Pandas. Downtown San Diego could be a nice experience, but particularly interesting is the Gaslamp District. This is a 16 block neighborhood in the center of an elegant district of shops, art galleries, antique stores and luxury restaurants.