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Quezon City

Quezon City is located 10 km North of Manila. Quezon City is five times bigger than Manila and it is surrounded by rolling hills whose lowest altitude is 25 feet above sea level, while the highest is 55.

Quezon City was conceived in a dream of late President Manuel Luis Quezon. He envisioned “a place where the common man will find his place with dignity”. And so it was. In 1939, President Quezon signed the Bill and the city was born. In 1948, Quezon city was officially made the capital of the Philippines and the permanent seat of the national government.

Quezon City today may not seem to be what its founder had thought it to be, but the efforts made by the past administrations up to the present time have accelerated the development and promotion of the city's tourism potentials, which are however parts of the late President Quezon's vision.

The focus of Quezon city is its glorious past and its rich culture. People are friendly and welcoming. It boasts of a landscape made of urban centers, places and facilities that cater to the interest of the western tourist flow. Quezon City is surrounded by underdeveloped areas that represent its economic future potencial. People belonging to the middle class have established their residence here because of the city's peaceful and homey atmosphere.