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Miami is an important city in the United States which is located on the south-eastern coast of Florida. It was oficially found on 28th July 1896, when there were approximately only 400 inhabitants. The great demografic explosion is due to the massive immigration, both from other States from U.S.A. and from abroad.

In Miami there are many different peoples, buth the most important influence is played by the Latin-American and Carribean communities that speak Spanish and Creole. Because of its cultural and linguistic links between North, South and Carribean American States, Miami i salso called “the capital city of Americas”.

The city is considered one of America’s most ultramodern cities, but easily its most exciting, exotic and cosmopolitan. Miami, known as Greater Miami and the Beaches or just Greater Miami for short, includes a number of islands and mainland communities, including two cities – Miami and Miami Beach..

Whether you're into sports, sunshine or salsa, Miami offers its visitors all year long with exciting entertainment and attractions, luxury hotels and restaurants, great beaches and a nightlife that never sleeps. Miami isn’t just made of beaches, but provides a wide programme of cultural events, recreation and more. You have the chance to spend the day soaking in the sights and sounds of Little Havana or soaking up the rays at Haulover Beach Park, explore the Art Deco District or take the kids to the zoo. And then at night, in Miami the day is just beginning! A Miami vacation is a unique experience!

Most of Miami's appeal is due to its varied multifaces, which range from the towering skyscrapers of the commercial downtown of the city to Little Havana, home to the Cuban community, or to the trendy Miami Beach neighborhood of South Beach.