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Jerusalem is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. That’s why it is quite impossible to discover it in a short visit; Jerusalem is a city that needs time and passion because every stone in there reflects a history and symbolize something.

Situated high in the Judean Hills, Jerusalem, the Capital of Israel, is divided into three sections: the Old City, New City (West Jerusalem), and East Jerusalem. The walled Old City, in the center, contains Muslim, Jewish, Christian, and Armenian quarters. Its narrow streets are characterized by many small shops where merchants sell foodstuffs and traditional handicrafts.In this part of the city are located also many of Jerusalem's religious landmarks.

The Western Wall is a remnant of the supporting wall of the Second Temple and represents the most sacred place of Judaism. The largest park in Jerusalem encircles the walls of the Old City.

Jerusalem however is not only a journey back in history, but it is also a very modern and dynamic city, with shopping centres and cultural activities: music, theater and many significant museums are only some example of how you can enjoy of you holiday. Pubs, restaurants, night clubs with an ambience visitors can’t find anywhere else, are to be found especially in some old quarters recently renovated and developped for tourist purposes.

What surprises is also the melting pot of cultures and people that makes it possible in Jerusalem lo live a unique human experience: Jews, Arabs, religious and nonreligious, rabbis and priests, ecumenical students and yeshiva students, diplomats and tourists, government employees and art students, nuns and girls in mini skirts are parts of this multifaced city. Go there and you’ll discover the reason why it is called “The City of Gold”.