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Brasilia was inaugurated, as Brazil's new capital, on April 21, 1960 and according to the plan, it was conceived as a very safe city, far from any kind of natural catastrophe, without pollution, full of green areas and with a good climate, where the pleasant temperatures all over the year make it possible to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunny days.

There are many tourist sights a visitor can discover; among these the Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasilia , Praça dos Três Poderes ('Square of the Three Powers'), around which you can see various important Government buildings, the Botanical Garden and the many city parks.

The city also hosts a varied assortment of art works from great artists like Bruno Giorgi, Alfredo Ceschiatti, Athos Bulcão, Marienne Peretti, Volpi, Di Cavalcanti, Victor Brecheret and Burle Marx, whose works have been integrated into the city’s architecture, making it an unique landscape.

Brasilia has a little bit of every corner Brazil offers to its tourists. It is a national capital in the heart of its country and it manage to reprent all its varieties. The result is the rich culture of Brasilia, a genuine mix uniting the most fun and welcoming people in the world, that will let you love the city at first sight! .

If you have time just to travel a bit around the capital, you will discover also some unique attractions near Brasilia: Chapada dos Veadeiros, a National Park located about 250 km from the city of Brasilia, where the visitor can appreciate many beautiful waterfalls as well as rock canyons and hot water springs. In the nearby city of Alto Paraiso there are many esoteric and new age groups; Pirenopolis. It is a nice colonial town about 100 miles from the city of Brasilia.